Broken News

The following might be insensitive, and I don't mean for it to be: I really do feel for Robin Williams' family and friends, and that he had depression? The whole thing is tragic.

But... Last night, during Jeopardy, ABC News inserted a Breaking News Bulletin.  Robin Williams had died, possibly a suicide, at age 63.  More details to follow.

Was I shocked? Yes, but not because of the death.  I'm sorry, this wasn't "Breaking News".  It's news, but worthy of interrupting another program?  No.

Because ISIS.

Because Ukraine.

Because Gaza.

Because Ferguson.

Because Robin Williams, while a wonderful actor (his work on Homicide was amazingly understated and real throughout, unlike virtually any other role you saw him in) and genius-level comedian, was not any of those.  Or a presidential assassination, or another September 11, or a plane being shot down, or any number of other events I could name.

The news is broken.

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