My home library - the meme (part two)

Per Philosophy MomFound this on thremma 's journal; she evidently swiped it from wendelah1 , who found it on this Tumbler (where it seems to have originated). It has 30 questions and appears, from the original instructions, to be intended for use over the course of a month. [Said instructions:"You can do all of them, but feel free to skip a number if you don’t own any books relevant to the day’s prompt (just replace it with an idea of your own). Take a picture, write down the stories attached to the book(s) in question, go nuts!"]

Part one here.

7. Favorite poetry collection: Confession: I don't really have any poetry collection.  Goblin Market by Christina Rosetti is the closest I come.

8. Favorite biography: Judith Skelton Grant's biography of Robertson Davies.  It's a good biography, but also it's a book that Thing One bought me twice.  Don't ask.

9. Favorite cookbook: Currently?  I love Home Made Summer. But all time, Susan Branch's cookbooks are so much fun.

10. Favorite graphic novel: Ooooh.  Sorry.  I just don't have the kind of brain that fully appreciates graphic novels.  I had problems with comic books, too.  Again, sorry. ETA: I did like the Tintin books (en francais, bien sur)

11. A book you didn’t understand at all: Most of my calculus text.  Beyond that, I don't tend to keep books I don't understand.  To be honest, I tend not to finish them, either.

12. “One of these things is not like the others” (inconsistent editions within a series):  My Chronicles of Narnia set (bought The Silver Chair at a different store than the others). One of the Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries, I believe The Nine Tailors (but with the books in the basement, can't check) is different because for some reason, it was published by a different publisher than the other books.

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