My home library - the meme (part one)

Per Philosophy Mom: Found this on thremma 's journal; she evidently swiped it from wendelah1 , who found it on this Tumbler (where it seems to have originated). It has 30 questions and appears, from the original instructions, to be intended for use over the course of a month. [Said instructions: "You can do all of them, but feel free to skip a number if you don’t own any books relevant to the day’s prompt (just replace it with an idea of your own). Take a picture, write down the stories attached to the book(s) in question, go nuts!"]

I'm going to do this in a few installments, just to create some content (lucky you).

1. “The System: Currently, there are a ton of boxes in the basement; those are marked MYS (mystery books), CYA (children's/young adult), BIO (biography), NF (non-fiction), FIC (fiction), LIT (literature - don't ask me what the difference between this and FIC is, I know it when I read it), REF (reference), SFF (science-fiction/fantasy).  My professional books, Mt. Bookpile, religion/philosophy books and "gentle reads" are upstairs.  One day I'll have a library again...

2. Favorite female writer:  A.S. Byatt?  Joanna Trollope? Louise Penny? Elinore M. Brent-Dyer? See, it really depends on the mood and genre.

3. Favorite male writer:  As with the female authors, depends: Robertson Davies and Julian Barnes, though, are two faves.

4. Bought on location (where the writer lived, the book takes place, the movie adaptation was shot):  A biography of John Ruskin purchased at his home (back in 1982) is the one the leaps to mind; I've read and bought many "local" mysteries and novels while living abroad - which probably doesn't count.

5. The largest and the smallest book you own: Largest? Probably the Complete Shakespeare.  Smallest?  I'm not sure if that's the equivalent of "thinnest" (no idea) or "least height", which is probably Julian Barnes' Flaubert's Parrot (Bloomsbury Classic edition)

6. Complete works of one author: I'm only going to talk about fiction authors here; I have complete sets of many mystery and children's/young adult writers (for example, Carol O'Connell, Louise Penny, Elizabeth George, David Williams, Marie Lu, J.K. Rowling, etc.). So, as far as I know:

  • C.S. Lewis (including a copy of his contribution to OHEL)
  • Robertson Davies
  • A.S. Byatt (excluding her introductions/prefaces)
  • Julian Barnes
  • Terry Pratchett

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