Happy Birthday Gal

51 years ago, the Gal you know as Lazy was born (or, as one friend says, hatched). The genetic brew that two teens created would always have resulted in a just-under 5'5", fair-skinned, dark haired, heterochromatic female. So happy birthday to that Gal! But the Lazy part legally became Lazy just under 50 years ago, when two others were granted permanent parenthood of the Gal. And sometimes I wonder what would have happened had I been adopted by other people: would I be able to sing on key? be more comfortable with math and science? speak Spanish or German or Hindi? Maybe I'd be JoggingGal, or BikingGal. There might be fewer books (and cats) in the house. The Things would be different, too. One can never know how life would have turned out, can one? Do I feel the separate parts matter? Of course, without Gal, there'd be no Lazy. Without Lazy, though... Anyway, Happy Birthday to one of me. The other me can just wait a little while.

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Aravis said...

You'll have to create portals to the parallel universes where Jogging Gal etc. live in order to know what they'd be like. As for me, I'm very partial to the Lazy variety. Happy Birthday again, dear friend! *hug*