Meeting Musings

Every Meeting has its own quirks and personality (just like ever congregation everywhere does), so I was prepared for something different yesterday.  First of all, this is a newer building, newer congregation and a larger one - not bad things, just a huge change from my average of 5 other people at worship in a building dating to 1831 (without heat or running water or electricity inside).  on the other hand, I started attending in Brooklyn which is bigger still!

What I didn't expect, and was take aback by, was the lack of Friendship I heard from one member(? could have been an attendee).  A gentleman had a Message and rose to speak.  It was a little long, a little rambling and at a few points he paused.  After the second pause my eye was caught by a woman's hand moving, in what I thought was a "move it along" motion, but I had to be mistaken, right?  Then he used the word "brotherhood" and I heard this woman hiss "sisterhood"... huh?  And at the next pause, another hiss, this time "sit down". Double HUH?? with a side of WTF????

It would be wrong to let this one incident cloud my judgement about this Meeting.  It took several months before I decided that the Meeting near the Cold Cottage was not the home for me, after all.  But we're definitely off to a rocky start.

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