Over the past few months I have been so very thankful for my friends, old and new: their support and love have helped me get through a very stressful time.  I'm also grateful beyond belief for my family.  And words cannot express how much I rely on having Thing One in my life.

And then there's you, my faithful blog readers, who have stuck with my through lazy times and busy times and quiet times.  Thank you. 



No, not the decluttering type of pruning.  This type of pruning:

When not soaking I'll be doing some shopping and eating with Thing One and a good friend.  This is looking to be one of the best Thanksgiving's I've had.


What do you really want?

A couple of times recently I've been approached by people wanting to "reconnect" and, well, I'm not that interested.

Here's the problem: previous interactions have not been good.  One of them acted with malice before, during and after, another was simply too much drama and trauma.  So why would I want to reconnect with either?

What do they really want?  Because I'm pretty sure it isn't that they truly miss having me in their lives...


Annotated Webclutter

  • I started following the Living Langom blog and have been so inspired.  Nearly a year ago she gave an overview of 2012 and I was even more inspired.  Life has conspired to keep me from following suit, but 2014 nears and one of my guidelines for the year (remember: no resolutions here, just guidelines) is to live more langom-like.
  • Among other things, I've started to let e-mail get away from me.  Folders upon folders, with some rhyme but not always reason to the organization.  Even though it's fully searchable, it's just not working.  Time to revisit my system.
  • My mojo hasn't left, exactly, but it's less in evidence than before.  Glad to know I'm not alone!
You mean these aren't the right lyrics?