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Watching paint drying is only slightly more exciting than watching grass growing.

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Notes from Mt. Bookpile

Apologies for the delayed post - there's been a few things going on that prevented me from doing so.  Now that we're back on track, however... Not a stellar quarter based on the past year or so, but not bad all the same.  Let's see how close we get to 300 (or over) by December 31. And, as always, reviews in the usual place.

Children's/Young Adult
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Notable Quotes

The books themselves, whether at home or at large, are only part of the tale.  Libraries, ancient and modern, have something organic about them.  They are as difficult to define as the people who use them, and the more so, because a book can be both in and out of the library at the same time.  A library is at once an accumulation of books, maintained and managed to some end, and the place or places where they are or ought to be found.
- A History of Merton College, G.H. Martin