Leaving the nest

I'm a nester.  I hate leaving home (for any reason)... if I like an author, series or actor, I'll stick with him/her/it until I'm absolutely forced to stop and it takes a lot for me to add to my trove of Good Things to Do/Watch.  My friends would probably call me loyal and some (like K.) go back over 40 years.  Routine is my friend - just ask my mother about my reaction to unexpected change when I was younger.  Not pretty.

So imagine, if you will, how big a wrench it is to be in the midst of A Lot of Change.  Home state of 43 years... 34 years legal driving in one state... a tv show I've been watching faithfully for 29 years... packing and unpacking and learning new routines and, well, CHANGE.  Big, ugly, unwelcome CHANGE. 

One day - hopefully soon - the routines will start back in and this change will have passed.  But until then, I don't like this.  Not one bit.

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Aravis said...

Change is horrible. Change is stressful. Change is inevitable. Change can be exciting. It keeps us from stagnating...

says the woman who has no plans to change anytime soon.