I think she was right the first time...

We have an electronic keycard system at MPOW - without one, you don't get in.
One of my colleagues is keycard challenged.


Leaving the nest

I'm a nester.  I hate leaving home (for any reason)... if I like an author, series or actor, I'll stick with him/her/it until I'm absolutely forced to stop and it takes a lot for me to add to my trove of Good Things to Do/Watch.  My friends would probably call me loyal and some (like K.) go back over 40 years.  Routine is my friend - just ask my mother about my reaction to unexpected change when I was younger.  Not pretty.

So imagine, if you will, how big a wrench it is to be in the midst of A Lot of Change.  Home state of 43 years... 34 years legal driving in one state... a tv show I've been watching faithfully for 29 years... packing and unpacking and learning new routines and, well, CHANGE.  Big, ugly, unwelcome CHANGE. 

One day - hopefully soon - the routines will start back in and this change will have passed.  But until then, I don't like this.  Not one bit.