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Random jams only  ever occur when traffic is heavy and bunched up.  I think they're triggered when something seemly trivial takes place, like somebody changing lanes suddenly, and the person behind brakes, then the person behind them brakes a little harder, and so on, until people further back are having to slow to a crawl and then a stop, while people changing lanes to avoid it just spread the blockage further... 
Lastly, it has occurred to me that the person who initiates a random jam probably never knows what chaos they've caused behind them.  I've seen six random jams over the last eight years... and it took me a while before I realised that they might stand as a symbol for life in general; trivial actions leading to proliferating consequences that affect hundreds of others, but which we never know about.

- The Quarry, Iain Banks


Notes from Mt. Bookpile

99 books read -  still managing to keep up with the pace needed to achieve my 2013 reading goal (upped from 300 to 365 because, well, why not?). I was keeping pace with Mt. Bookpile additions, but then ALA Annual happened and now I'm really behind.  Oh well.  Live and read, right?

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