Vocabulary / No-Yes - #Reverb12

Vocabulary. If you could eliminate one word from your brain forever—what would it be?

No | Yes. What will you say NO to in 2013? What will you say YES to in 2013 that you didn’t say yes to in 2012?

Years ago a friend said that she (and I) had a speech impediment - she had difficulty saying "no".  Sound familiar?  I'm trying to be better about saying NO to professional obligations that seem like a good thing at the time but are really more about getting kudos rather than personal satisfaction.  Saying NO to the unneeded purchase or gift.  Saying NO to added noise about events and people.

On the other hand, I want to say YES to being with friends and family.  YES to silence.  With any luck, YES to a job opportunity that really excites and challenges me.

As for eliminating a word, there are phrases I know I over use ("what's the word I'm looking for?" and "thingy" are among the worst of my offenses).  It's difficult, but that needs to change! Conversely, there are four I keep trying to add: "I’m sorry. I was wrong. I need help. I don’t know." (via)

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