Rubbing me the right way

There are few self-indulgent things I enjoy more than a good massage.  That sense of complete relaxation, the loose-limbed feeling when you're done? Heaven.

I recently had a migraine and was able to survive by having a great head/shoulder massage (something the neurologist recommends highly: get rid of the tension, get rid of the migraine).  Then there was the Breathe Deep Massage at Mohonk Mountain House.  Bliss.  Every masseuse does things differently, and every type of massage differs (hot stone vs shiatsu, for example) and this particular massage did something I've never had done before - she massaged the intercostals.  I've never had my ribs massaged before and it was revelatory.

Lest you think that it's got to be pricey, it doesn't!  There's a great, cheap place in the mall near me, $1/minute.  It's not swanky, no chic furnishings or soft music.  Just plain massage that gets all those kinks and stressed muscles to relax.

If I could, I'd get one every week.

Sadly, Thing One is massage-challenged.  Thing Two tries hard, but just hasn't got the knack.  Thing Three used to give a good one, but I suspect his wife would object... Clearly a new Thing is called for:

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