Not feeling the love...

There are a few things that are supposedly certain in our lives: death, taxes and an application for AARP membership when you turn 50.

Having just celebrated the end of my second quarter century, I'm past middle age and heading into early old age. With luck, death is still several decades away. Not only have I paid my 2012 taxes, I've already received my IRS refund. So that leaves the third.

On The Day itself, probably a third of my 390 Facebook friends sent me good wishes. A small, select few joined me at the Bookmarks Lounge to share a toast (or two). One friend brought me a celebratory cupcake, another gave me a gift bag inspired by the French approach to life (macarons, champagne and a copy of this book). There were a few cards and notes in my mailbox.  But the one envelope I expected still, nearly a week later, hasn't arrived.

Perhaps having two lapsed memberships disqualifies me?  You see, half a lifetime ago (literally, half a lifetime ago) Thing One and I worked for an investment bank, Scudder, Stevens & Clark.  SS&C managed the AARP funds, so one perk of employment was membership in AARP.  I confess, I never used it because, well, it seemed a little silly to flash an AARP card when I was not even thirtysomething.  Then, about nine years ago, Thing One hit the Big 5-0 and joined, adding me as his spouse (lucky me).  Again, being in my 40s I never thought of using it, and he let the membership lapse a year or so ago.

Could it be that they're feeling rejected?  Is that why the fated invitation hasn't been issued?

On the other hand, Thing Two got two invitations, one at his post office box and one at his home address.

(for the record, my father says that having an AAA card gives you just about the same benefits, so I'm feeling very Groucho about joining.  it's the thought that counts, tho')

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Wendy said...

Very funny, I actually have received two AARP membership application since my 40th last month...