Imponderables (incalculable edition)

I admit it, I'm math challenged.  Thing One says I can't add 2 and 2 without the aid of a calculator (I can, it's 6, right?) As a matter of fact, if you speak French, you'll get why I love this song:

So when I come across something a little odd mathematically, I check with either Thing One or - even better - my father.  Dad helped me pass my Stats class by making up problems and solving them in his head before I'd even written them down.

Yesterday I saw something that had me running for the phone:

Do you see where I got confused?  How many times should 1oz go into a 7oz package?  Surely it's not 35 times!

And then there's GoodReads, where I've read 50 books toward my goal of 300 for 2013.  There's a challenge you can participate in and it shows you how far you've come.  I saw this today

and thought that can't be right: 50 is 20% of 300... but called my father to check.  Turns out it's 60 that's 20% of 300.  Sigh.  Still, batting .500 ain't that bad, right?

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Murphy Jacobs said...

When I wed, the few math skills I had went to my husband, who is now responsible for anything involving critical math.

I, however, got custody of the joint lexicon. He can't find words (or much else in the house) without me.