Dream / Conscious Entry - #Reverb12

Dream. What crazy and wild dream would you like to become a reality (or at least begin 
to make a reality) in 2013?

Conscious Entry. How do you wish to be in 2013?

I want to start living in a more minimalist fashion.  I've done Project 333, really thought about decluttering my life physically and emotionally, and brought more silence into my life.  So minimalism seems to be the next step, right?

That may - probably does - mean that the Lazyhouse needs to be rethought.  Do I need a space this large?  It also means really be careful with my purchases, continually asking "do I need this, or do I merely want this?" Getting a job elsewhere will mean more of an opportunity to pare my life back to more of the essentials.  Having said that, essentials don't have to be cheap - quality over quantity.

So the dream is to find a job, the crazy and wild part is to divest myself even more of material possessions, keeping only those that really fit my life and make me feel good.  Which leads to how I'll be in 2013: lighter, calmer and bien dans ma peau (as always, the French have le mot juste for everything!)

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