Well-Being - #Reverb12

Well-Being. How was your overall well-being in 2012? You can think of your overall well-being as a composite of six domains: Interpersonal, Communal, Occupational, Physical, Psychological, and Economic (I COPPE; Prilleltensky, 2011). Do you notice that your overall well-being was influenced by one of these domains more so than the others?

This is pretty easy - having Epstein-Barr means that much of my well-being is governed by how well I'm doing physically.  Am I practicing ECAM?  What am I overdoing and can I cut back or is there some other way to do things?  Beyond that, this year of not working full-time has been one with a lot of occupational and economic stress: keeping up with what's going on while not being in a library and being able to collaborate with colleagues, watching my (already low) finances dwindle even further... Luckily, my friends helped keep things in perspective and my spirits never completely plunged.

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