Vulnerability - #Reverb12

Vulnerability. Brené Brown writes powerfully on the topic of vulnerability. She is a pioneer in bridging the research of vulnerability with the living of vulnerability. In her book, Daring Greatly, Brené writes about her experience at TED, how she gained the courage to expose herself as vulnerable in order to most powerfully demonstrate what it means to be vulnerable. Two lines in her book resonated me with the strongest: 

Give me the courage to show up and let myself be seen.
What’s worth doing even if I fail?

Reflect on your vulnerability in 2012. Specifically, here are three questions suggested by Brené to explore when thinking about your vulnerability: (1) What do I do when I feel emotionally exposed?; (2) How do I behave when I’m feeling very uncomfortable and uncertain?; and (3) How willing am I to take emotional risks?

Whew.  This is a difficult one.  Let's see...

1. When emotionally exposed, I tend to act like a pillbug. Don't we all?  My first instinct is to curl up in bed with as many of The Herd as possible and just not come out.  Ever.

2. If I can't curl up in bed, I get stiff and defensive.  Again, don't we all?  Some people I know cry - there's something about doing that at work that just seems wrong.  I'd rather go some place private and cry, or scream.  But in public? No thanks.

3. I'm trying to be more willing.  It's never easy, and when you're trying to find consulting gigs or a permanent job, it's putting yourself out there.  Hearing that "no" is even worse than hearing nothing (at least you can get angry with the other person over nothing - no, on the other hand, is about you).  Outside the professional arena, though, I've been even less willing... here's to trying to be better about that in 2013.

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