Questions - #Reverb12

Questions. What questions did you ask in 2012?
  • why is this country so divided?
  • how can we learn to live together if we refuse to listen to each other?
  • can I be a good friend?
  • can I be a good Friend?
  • what can I do better in the coming months?
  • what can I do better right now?
  • am I living the life I should be living?
  • what legacy am I leaving behind?
  • why are there so many bad trilogy books being published? can't editors chop them down to a book-and-a-sequel or simply one book?
  • what more can I declutter from my life?
  • how can I be a good thing in others' lives?
  • why do most of The Herd snore?
  • should I get a bigger bed (because 1 human is no match against 5 felines in a full-size bed)?

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