PSA: Fever Kills

It's flu season out there - do not take a fever lightly.

Many years ago, a young woman I knew, Heather, went home from work feeling a little unwell.  She and her husband Larry worked together at the company at which she'd met, and that night he did the right thing with Tylenol and soup.  The next day, she still wasn't feeling good so she stayed home and made an appointment with the doctor.  The following day, Larry waited to hear about what the doctor said... at first, he wasn't worried (doctors and waiting times, after all) but then he grew concerned.  Finally he called the office: she hadn't come for her appointment.  Larry raced home from Midtown to Staten Island - she was dead in their bed.  They'd been married only a couple of years.  Heather was in her 20s.

Yesterday, Thing One sent me an e-mail about a colleague of his, a many in his 60s just inching toward retirement.  He'd had a mild fever on Thursday, but it had gone away.  Friday it was back, and 103.  But why worry?  It had gone away before.  Saturday his girlfriend couldn't get him on the phone... Sunday she used her key to go into his apartment and... dead.

If you have a fever, and it's inching up past 102, call your doctor.  Tell your friends.  Take something to bring it down.  Be careful.  Please.

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