Perspective - #Reverb12

Perspective. What is one thing you’ve seen differently in 2012? How has this shift in 
perspective influenced you?

As part of my Quaker practice, I've tried to be more understanding and patient with others - and tried to forgive those who have hurt me in the past.  Letting go of those feelings has so lightened my load...

Lest you think that it's all goody-goody, I have to confess that hearing that one person who Done Me Wrong has run into difficulties has also lightened my load.  I'm no angel:  I still enjoy a good case of schadenfreude.  But the overall forgiving of others has truly made things easier.

As for perspective, part of the forgiving has been to try to understand the why.  Were the other person's actions because they're so self-centered they don't see the effect they have on others? Was it because they're insecure?  Did I do something to case this - inadvertently or vertently?  What could I do differently next time, either with them or with another?

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