Ordinary Sparkling Moments / Rituals - #Reverb12

Ordinary Sparkling Moments. Reflect on the ordinary moments that bring you joy (e.g., the tea pot whistling, the sun setting). What moments would you like to relish in the coming year?

Rituals. What ritual(s) would you like to introduce into your life?

The taste of the first crisp apple of fall... the juiciness of fresh berries on homemade yogurt... the purring of The Herd... hearing that a friend has truly enjoyed a book I recommended... the sight of the Tower as I drive up Pawling Avenue... spending time with friends... the smell of freshly mown grass as it starts to rain... the first snowfall... a fire in my fireplace... soaking in a bathtub with a glass of wine and a good book....

Having done a 40-week Journey with Parker Palmer in 2012, I was open to a new journey.  My aunt and uncle have both studied Mussar and after talking with my aunt on New Year's, I've decided to do the work myself.  It won't be easy, doing this alone, but my Ritual will be to spend some time each day thinking about/journaling the Mussar traits.

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