I've been thinking a lot about integrity recently - in part because I've been reflecting on 2013 and thinking about 2013 as part of the Reverb12 program, in part because of my uncle and friend's deaths, and in part because recent events have shown it to be shockingly lacking in today's world.

There's someone in my life with a decided lack of integrity.  They've lied so many times that if they said today was Friday I'd have to check my calendar, their only real concern is for themselves and what works for them, and they've stolen from me (items I ultimately didn't value that much, but it's the sheer act of theft that bothers me, not what was taken).

Perhaps it's unsurprising that they thought Lance Armstrong was a hero*, because like Lance, their apologies never accept responsibility for their actions or the effect on others. What I mean is, when you've hurt someone, you should say "I'm sorry I hurt you" or - at a minimum - "I'm sorry."  Saying "I'm sorry you were hurt" is just plain wrong.  When caught in a lie, admit your fault, don't bully the other person into letting it go.

The past couple of days, with all the hoopla over the Big Confession, and the NRA's incomprehensible comments and ads, and the questions over Manti T'eo and so many more incidents, I've started to question why, if there are so many people Out There who are acting with a lack of integrity, I need to have someone I choose to have in my life acting with an equal lack.  Ok, perhaps not question exactly - more like, berate myself for continuing with this relationship.

And, sadly, realizing that perhaps I just can't.

* why can't more sports figures be as honest at Charles Barkley? Always admired him for this.

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