12 for 2012 / Year in Review - #Reverb12

12 in 2012. Reflect on 12 moments in 2012. Or create a timeline, and focus on one
moment/experience from each month in 2012. Get creative with the number 12 and what 
this number means for you in 2012. 

Year in Review. As you reflect back on the happenings of 2012, what were your high 
points and what were your low points? What do you notice as you look back on the year 
as a whole?

I'm combining these two (and ignoring the reading prompt because, well, just go here for that).  For me, 2012 was a year of sorrows and joys - here are six of each.

  1. Losing my Uncle Robert and Patti, a friend from high school.  They taught me so much about living while dying.  
  2. Hearing "no" once too often.
  3. The election, about which I've ranted before.
  4. Learning that a former student found that life was too difficult and couldn't go on.
  5. My Big Boy being diagnosed with chronic renal failure (at 17, it's not unexpected but still...).
  6. Watching my mother's health slowly fade.
  1. Being accepted as a Member of the Religious Society of Friends.
  2. Losing weight, losing clutter - gaining peace and space and serenity.
  3. The Big Trip.
  4. Finally(?) getting some of my health issues under control.
  5. Family and friends -  Angela, Alice, Robert, Michael, Lisa, Karen, David, Betty, Phil, Gail, Karli, Renee, Cathy, Sue, Susan, Jessica, Michele, Suzy, Waits, Danny, Bill, Flavia, Julie, Julia, James, Caroline, Deb, Wendy, mk, Courtney, Kath, Ray, Lucia, Carol, Amy, Ebit, Mac, Max, Chuck, Jean and, of course, The Herd.

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