Notes from Mt. Bookpile

Whew!  What an end to the year... 400 books read, 91 in this quarter.  Reviews on the other blog. No other comments here: stay tuned for the year-end book posts!


Children's/Young Adult

Adult Fiction



  • That Mad Game
  • The Skull in the Rock, Marc Aronson
  • A Little History of Science, W. F. Bynum
  • The Pause Principle, Kevin Cashman
  • The Law of Superheroes; James Daily
  • Faces From the Past, James M. Deem
  • It's Raining Fish And Spiders, Bill Evans
  • The Split History of the Civil War, Stephanie Fitzgerald
  • The Wild Horse Scientists, Kay Frydenberg
  • Spirit Seeker, Gary Golio
  • This I Believe, John Gregory
  • The Warrior's Heart, Eric Greitens
  • Rescuing the Children, Deborah Hodge
  • Among the Islands, Tim Flannery
  • The Information Diet, Clay Johnson
  • Into a Paris Quartier, Diane Johnson
  • We Are Their Voice, Kathy Kacer
  • Dear Teen Me, Miranda Kenneally
  • Leonardo and the Last Supper, Ross King
  • So You Wanna Be a Superstar? Ted Michael
  • Young, Innocent and in Prison, Jeff Mitchell
  • When Organizing Isn't Enough, Julie Morgenstern
  • The Bronte Sisters, Catherine Reef
  • Inside Scientology, Janet Reitman
  • Growing Up Muslim, Ali-Karamali Sumbul
  • Fourteen And Sentenced To Death, Bill Swan
  • Effective Grading, Barbara Walvoord
  • Pier 21 and Children of the Titanic, Christine Welldon
  • Titanic, Philip Wilkinson

Speculative Fiction

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