A lucky Lazygal

Back in 1984, just after college, I had some "mad money" and bought a 13" black-and-white tv (the rest of the money went to taking Thing Three to see the RSC's productions of "Much Ado" and "Cyrano", starring Derek Jacobi and Sinead Cusak).  That was the last tv I bought.

No.  I don't still have it.

Yes.  I do have a tv.

As I said, I'm a lucky Lazygal.

In 1987, my parents were heading to Europe after a few months in South Carolina and they gave me the 13" color tv they'd bought there.

In 1989, as recompense for helping clean out my great-aunt's apartment, I took possession of her 19" color tv.

In 1998, my parents bought Thing One and me a 35" tv.

(I gave the two 13" tvs to my aunt and uncle when they moved to Brooklyn from Israel)
(Thing One kept the 35" when I left Brooklyn for The Cold Cottage From Hell)

In 2006, when the 19" gave out, Things One and Two bought me a 32" (which answers one of Aravis' questions about my life)...

And today my father asked if I'd like to take their 39" flat screen now that they were upgrading the one in the family room.  I may be Lazy, but I ain't stupid, so tomorrow I'm heading home to the Lazyhouse with a new (to me) tv - and I didn't pay for it!!  All I'll need to do is rearrange some furniture and somehow get it from the car to its final destination. 

Then it's back to being Lazy... with a new tv!!

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