Notable Quotes

I am always intrigued to hear from men and women facing retirement that they will get a chance to read the books they never had time for. I don't believe this, unless they mean read more steadily, for longer periods. Reading -- like those more frivolous lifelong pursuits, singing in tune, or driving, or roller-blading -- is either an early acquired passion or not; there is no in-between, no catching up in one's later years.

-- Carolyn Heilbrun, Last Gift of Time


Voting for groceries

Woke up early today, grabbed the handy dandy postcard that gave me my new district information, and headed out to the not-so-local high school to vote (by quirk of county configuration, I have a street address of SmallTown1 but pay taxes and vote in SmallTown2 and am in SmallTown3's fire district - if I had kids, not cats, I'd have to petition to get them into the Middle School literally across the street, because it's in SmallTown1!). Anyway.

The first election I "voted" in was 1968, when I proved to my mother that clearly nature was winning over nurture: my choice was the guy whose name was nearly a palindrome and had that cool x in it. Folks, I was in kindergarden. And in Ohio. Do I need to say more? The incredibly sophisticated voting method our teacher used was to have us raise our hands while she pointed to (and probably said) the name.