Knowing Your Limits

I'm in my second half-century, so you'd think I'd know better when indulging, but no... not really. Last night, Thing One and I went to a nearby tapas restaurant. I'd had a difficult day that I won't go into yet, but let's just say I needed to relax. So we opened with a before-dinner drink (I had a caipirinha).  Then we shared a nice rioja.

It was when the dessert menu came with its selection of post-prandial offerings that I made the mistake.  Yes, I succumbed... to the lure of a cappuccino.

Wait, what?  Yes, I had a cappuccino.

In my defense, I was tired.  It was only 7:30.  I thought that having all that alcohol would be ok, that the caffeine wouldn't affect me.  Hah!  I've been up since 3:06, having barely dozed all night.  I should have gone with decaf, or just abstained.

I'm such a wuss.

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Jandy said...

Nice new background! Cappuccino - yeah I understand. Tonight I decided on coffee. I'd been drinking water all day. So now I may not sleep tonight...