Lazygal and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Month

Seriously, what is it with September?  Here's my tale of utter woe:

  • My beloved Uncle A nearly died
  • A former student, a senior in college, died
  • An in-law died
  • My Biggest Boy has chronic renal failure (so: new, expensive diet and possible Sub-Q fluids, and many vet visits to come)
  • I got a flat tire, which I replaced only to learn that the other three need replacing sometime soon
  • My car hit 30K, so a Very Big Check-Up was needed, including replacing a few filters and something with the fuel-injection pump
  • I had my chimney swept, only to learn that the roofers and painters that have been climbing around up there damaged the chimney cap
And then yesterday's routine shopping trip turned into a Massive Shopping Trip because I ran out of everything all at once (a rare event, but still!).  

Oh, and when did jeans stop being denim?  I went to four stores and only found 80% cotton, 15% polyester and 5% elastic blends.  They don't feel like jeans, they don't weigh as much as jeans do: they're just not jeans!

On a slightly brighter note, Thing Two is coming down tomorrow to help me Fall Clean (touching up some paintwork, shampooing the bedroom carpets, moving my books and a few other chores).   And I just dropped off three more bags of clothes at Goodwill, with another half bag started.  

As for the books, Mt. Bookpile is still below 300 (new goal: closer to 250 by year end) and I've read 301 books this year.  '

Still and all, it's been a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Month.


Jandy said...

My guy also has chronic renal failure. Fortunately, no special diet. Unfortunately, he rarely feels the need to use the litter box now, so I keep him shut up in a tent when I'm not home. He uses the sheet in there... We fight over the IV electrolytes I'm supposed to give him every other day. He doesn't get them that frequently. He also rarely gets the full amount because he struggles and squirms out of my arms. Despite all, he is acting healthy and obnoxious. This started about two years ago now. It's an annoyance for you, but if you want to keep him around, it's worth it.

Aravis said...


A very bad month indeed. I'd even go so far as to call it cringe-worthy.

It's been a few days since you posted. Did Thing Two get everything done to your satisfaction at least?

Lazygal said...

Aravis, he did! now, of course, I have to paint my bedroom ceiling (well, I'll have Things One or Two do it - ladders and I do not get along). The most scary part of his visit was realizing that I'd weeded so many books that I (gasp!) have two completely empty bookcases. I've taken to my bed to recover from the shock (and the ulcers and migraine... which probably aren't related to the weeding but you never know!)

Lazygal said...

Jandy, as I said in my private e-mail, the recent vet visit shows improvement. So yay! Next visit in mid-October and I'll know more then.