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Some random things of interest:
And a bunch of book-related links:
  • I love (love!) bad books... History News Network Celebrates Bad History Books http://t.co/Xv7JkfF6 (nominate one)
  • Children's books reflect harsh reality http://t.co/PiMTxjRm
  • Please write his book: One man’s efforts to crowdsource his novel http://t.co/zcwzSoZ0
  • Who Benefits From Same-Day Amazon Delivery? Not Small Towns http://t.co/Ek0C0HBd
  • The 100 greatest novels of all time: The list http://t.co/nJdIywA2 (agree? disagree? don't read enough to have an opinion?)
  • Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey to be reworked by Val McDermid http://t.co/TYe77jJ4 (I'm on the "nay" side of reworking Austen - you?)
  •  But is it a book? http://t.co/JdJJE1vJ (poses some interesting questions re: book v e-book)

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