It's slightly below 60 right now and I've got my windows open with a nice cool breeze wafting through.  After the humidity and heat, it's such a pleasure.

My neighbors still have their air conditioners going (how do I know? I just heard the compressor go on).

People who know me know I really dislike air conditioning, that it took five years for me to get the central air unit in the Lazyhouse fixed for good.  When it's on, it's set for 76 - Thing One thinks that's a little too high, but it's comfortable and there's no humidity, and who needs more? - and more often than not my windows are open, particularly at night.  To me, "conditioned" air feels stale and static; while I hate driving with the windows down, at home I like the feel of the occasional gust of air and the sense that nature is both outdoors and inside.  (note: the approved nature inside does not include creatures with wings or more than four legs!)

My neighbors have virtually sealed houses, with no windows open ever.  How can anyone live like that?

I mean, we're in the outer edges of suburbia.  It's not quite rural here, but we're part of the Croton Reservoir system and development is a little limited.  There are many trees and lakes (some real, some manmade) around and in a few more miles north, you hit rural areas.  Why would someone move to a place like this and then not open their windows?  Especially when it's 60 degrees out?

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Aravis said...

I open the windows sometimes, but not too often. My problem is that I've developed allergies and get sinus headaches fairly easily as a result. Freshly mown lawns, once a childhood favorite scent, now kill me. *sigh*

I have a large standing air conditioner for those really hot days, but not central air, so I don't get the "canned air" effect. But I'm with you - nothing beats the fresh air blowing through the house.