The other day I was dining with a friend who happens to be British.  You'd think that means he has bad taste in food, but no, he's quite the gourmet.  As we started in on our cold green onion vichyssoise the waiter came over with the pepper grinder, asking if we wanted fresh pepper with our soup.

The thing is, he came over before we'd had the opportunity to have more than half a mouthful, if that.  And this isn't the only time that I've been accosted by the pepper man before I've had the opportunity to actually taste my food.

What is wrong with people?  

Pepper is a great spice, in moderation.  Properly used it can add a lot to a dish.  But all too often people use it without tasting and they ruin the delicate flavors the chef has created.  Why spend all the money on dining out if you're going to make the food to your home tastes?   

Just once I'd like to see a restaurant without salt and pepper on the tables, and without the roving pepper man.  And when patrons ask (or, even worse, make the that wonderful "pepper me" hand gesture) why can't they be told "We're sorry, but the chef doesn't recommend pepper with this dish."


Anchises said...

Even worse are guests who put salt in their food (which you've lovingly prepared) before tasting it.

Lazygal said...

Oh yes! The only foods I'll pre-salt (and then only if I've eaten at that place before) are french fries and corn on the cob.

I've taken to "forgetting" to bring out the salt/pepper until after they've tasted.