Notable Quotes

I'm having the estate sale early,
Long before I go,
Clearing out the mind's troubled attic,
Sweeping clean the cellared soul. 

Out with the moth's wooly dinner,
Out with the soft nesting of mice,
Haul out the mouldering anger;
I'll no longer review it all night. 

Burn the bushels of grudges,
Dump the files of regrets,
Uncage the ferrets of old fears,
Shame is so last year's dress. 

Sweep the cobwebs of outdated thinking,
Shred the ledger of "you owe me",
Recycle the tattered "someday",
Box up anxieties. 

Bundle the blues and the grumbles,
Delete the detritus of doubt,
Padlock that carton of fidgets,
Pack up that outdated pout. 

Sixty-five years is enough time
To figure out what's needed and what's not,
Old habits and tired protections,
Are all stacked by the door to take out. 

Such baggage impedes freely living,
It's no part of a life simplified;
A soul that is loving and giving
Is not one that's terrified. 

I no longer need these remainders
Of life as I've lived it before:
The soul is shrugging off ego,
The heart learns what it is for.

Certified Wisdom from a Certified Crone, Alice Paul

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