Am I a horrible person?

Those who know me well know that I'm a bit of a pedant, and snarky about things others get wrong.  Note: I'm not talking about small mistakes, I'm talking about the really obvious ones.  The recently past ALA Annual Conference brought two opportunities for serious snark, and no, dear reader, I did not let them pass quietly.

First up was this sign at the Bowers Museum.  Can you spot the typo?  

Hint: think Tom Petty.  

The second was later that night, at the first ever Andrew Carnegie Awards.  Did you know that the correct pronunciation is carNAYgie, not the Dale Carnegie version CARnaygie (proof needed? here 'tis).  Imagine my disappointment when the chair of the selection committee got it wrong every single time.  Luckily, the President of ALA and the Executive Director got the memo. 

Yes, I took pleasure in spotting both.  I'll go hang my head over in the corner... 

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Jandy said...

Did you hear the one about the Texas university commencement program last month? I don't have details (like which university) but one of their schools was changed from "Public School of..." to "Pubic School of...". I believe hundreds were passed out before it was finally caught and the university recalled them...