I've got an earworm

Every Friday, Swisslet lists his Earworms of the Week.  I've always been impressed with the breadth of his listening, the depth of his analysis and his lack of embarrassment over some of the music that's wormed its way into his mind.  How many people do you know that would admit to hearing "You Can't Touch This"?

There's a commercial out now, for the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, that uses the lyrics for "Bohemian Rhapsody" for dialog.  Haven't seen it?  Well, here 'tis:

Cool, right?  I've been thinking about other songs that could be used: "Stairway to Heaven".  "Roundabout".  "Psycho Killer".  "She Bop".  "Dream On".  Or maybe they could mimic this exchange found on Chuck's blog.

Luckily, every time that commercial has aired I've been able to go about my business safely, sans earworm.  Whew!

Those who know me well know that I can go on and on about The Herd.  The Boys are particularly smart: they can open all my closet doors, and Bogie has nearly figured out how to open my bedroom door (what's puzzling him is not understanding that he has the trick down, but in winter the wood expands and causes the door to stick).  Francis has figured out how the windows open, but it's quite dextrous enough to do it himself but he really tries - and then turns on the sill to look at me as if to say "Mommmmm, OPEN THIS NOW".

The pressure changes when storms roll in causes them to go a little crazy, so at about 2:30 this morning I thought I'd herd them out of my bedroom and get a little sleep uninterrupted by the game of tag they'd started to play (lucky me, I'm usually "home" for their games).   Ok, I'll be honest: for nocturnal animals, they really don't come to life until somewhere between 2 and 3, so they get herded out virtually every night.  And they lose all energy and desire to be active shortly after breakfast (somewhere between 5-5:30am).


At about 4:45 this morning, a very bright light flickered its way past my closed eyelids.  All three Boys were making noise (Francis is usually pretty quiet).  My startled thought?  Bogie'd opened my door and someone had figured out how to turn on my light, and they were high-fiving.  Then I heard the thunder and realized there was a storm outside and some scared cats inside.

Do I really need to finish this story?  Do you get the connection?

Please, someone, give me another earworm!

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