Words you don't want to hear

Yesterday I went to see my endocrinologist.  I've been seeing her for the past three plus years, and virtually every time I see her we have to tweak my medication because my T3/T4 levels have changed.  Finally, after wondering for a while, and based on another weird blood test reading, I asked if this happened often.  Her response?

"You're unique"

Most definitely not the words you want to hear from you doctor.  I'd probably be ok with "unusual", and I'd be very happy with "normal" or "boring".  But "unique"?  Thanks, but no thanks.

I was chatting about this with mk:

Which got me thinking about a band idea Thing Three had when we were in college (remember: these were the days of Talking Heads, Icicle Works, Devo, etc.), an all-male group called "Women without Brains".  He didn't remember that idea but did suggest "Borring Thyroid" with an umlaut over the first r.

Somehow that doesn't quite make up for being "unique", does it?


Anchises said...

But are you otherwise okay? Not worse? Even if you'd rather not be medically unique, you're unique in other ways, all of them good.

Lazygal said...

Yes, I'm fine... for now. Wait a couple of months and ask me then!