These people are nuts

At the risk of opening an old wound, this is why I think people who believe that shopping at Trader Joe's somehow makes them better people are nuts: Insane Lines Just To Get In: Sunday Afternoon At Trader Joe's On Court - look at the photos and read the comments (this is the TJ's around the corner from Thing One).  The photos don't show the frequently double parked cars blocking one of the busiest intersections in Brownstone Brooklyn.

Now, within a few blocks of this store there is:
And if New York grocery stores were allowed to sell alcohol, there is a beverage distributor and wine store nearby.

All of these offer more choices, more personalized service, cheaper prices and (the A&P excepted) you're supporting a local business rather than a national chain.  I'm still completely baffled as to why anyone would stand in lines for that long just to go into a rather mediocre grocery store with inflated prices and extreme snob appeal.  

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Wendy said...

Funny that Aldi, owened by the same parent group, just doesn't have that same appeal...