I always feel like somebody's watching me...

Today's social media make it so much easier for people to stalk, don't they?  And are they stalking or checking up or staying in touch or not understanding the rules of social media or just being friendly?

Take blogging.  Most bloggers have stat counters to track traffic and can see where visitors are coming from.  That IP address that's clearly from within your workplace - is it the creepy guy in the corner cube or is it your workbff getting the news or worse, your boss (or a disgruntled colleague) looking to catch you doing or saying something?  Those hits from former workplaces - friends just catching up?  Or what about the ones from what can only be your former partner/friend?  Why are they still reading what you're blogging?  There are IP blockers out there that can help with that.

Or Facebook - is your ex still commenting on your wall?  checking out who you're with now?  making snide comments?  You can block them, you know.  I have one friend who found his ex-wife on-line and promptly blocked her from ever finding him, others immediately unfriend and block exs.  But what about the ones that you like, but who either comment on (or like) everything you do?  Don't they don't know that not everything is put up there for them to read??

You can have a private Twitter account and you can block people from following you, but that doesn't mean they won't see retweets of your comments.  Ditto FriendFeed.

The problem is that everything we do on-line is public, no matter how high our privacy settings.  It's so easy to stalk someone, or to accidentally cross that line from "friends" to "uncomfortably close".  There are times when I've had to block people or unfriend them - and there are some I wonder why they still want to, or think it's appropriate to, check my blog/tweets/etc..  When it's clear to me that our relationship has ended, I no longer find it necessary to keep up on what's new in their lives, and I'm careful to not over "like" or "favorite" others' tweets and posts.   It's a pity that so many out there don't feel the same.

(and if this post hits home for you, well, that's not a bad thing!)


Jandy said...

First, I know I'm not one of those people you're ranting about, although I'm not close enough to need to know everything you post (although I wonder...). That said, I couldn't help it. I saw your tweet to the left about the site for @ravis and another friend and had to check the link. (I knew it wasn't for me, but I'm nosy...) The Unmusic site is cute, and now their ditty is stuck in my head...

Lazygal said...

No, Jandy you aren't one of the ones I'm ranting about :) You can stalk me any time.

As for the link, I know if it's on my FF, people will click - and I did .@aravis so that more than just she and @swisslet would see the link ('cause I'm nice that way).