#Reverb11: Final Round-up

The final #Reverb11 prompts - here are my responses:

Prompt 21: Space
Where do you feel most safe, most free to be yourself—where you let down your guard?
- Of course "at home" should be my first response but, well, it depends on who is at home with me. The Herd? The Things? Family? Friends? So it's not a real space, it's more a mental space created by the people I'm with.

Prompt 22: Mischief
What can you do to add a spark of mischief into your life?
- How do you define "mischief"? Is it akin to "playfulness" or is it more "trouble making"? Let's go with the former, in which case things like adding a streak of color to my hair (purple? dark blue? neon fuchsia?)... reviewing books that don't exist... skipping rather than walking... random acts of humorous kindness.

Prompt 23: Creativity
What was the most creative thing you did in 2011? How do you plan to use your creativity in 2012? (Note: creative does not always mean artistic. Think outside the box here. Get creative!)

- I did my Style Statement.  It's given me a sense of direction in terms of future acquisitions, future direction.  As my life continues to encounter change, having this as a compass is comforting and allows me to be a little more focused in how I approach things.

Prompt 24: Dream 
What crazy and wild dream was born in 2011?
- Born doesn't have to imply "realized", correct?  So let's go with minimalism, doing more with less but not sacrificing quality.  Ok, not so crazy or wild but it's a dream.

Prompt 25: Surprises
What was one thing that surprised you in 2011?
- Given the major changes in my life this past year, the biggest surprise was how little stress there's been.  Usually I'm awash in stress, with my body reacting in Very Bad Ways (ulcers, migraines, break-outs, GI issues, etc.) and now?  Not so much.  A very pleasant surprise indeed!

Prompt 26: Rituals
What ritual(s) would you like to introduce into your life?
- Daily silence, akin to Meeting... daily tea break (I drink a lot of tea, but to do this intentionally, with a sense of ritual not just "oh, I'm thirsty and cold")... a weekly meal with a friend

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