Meeting Musings

Instead of going on my planned trip to Philadelphia this weekend, I stayed home - one thing changed, and it seemed better to change all my plans.  And now it's clear why that felt like the right decision to make... Today, during Meeting, a Friend stood up with the following message (which I will try to repeat verbatim):
I'm going through some changes in my life and they're no going as smoothly as I'd thought they would.  I'd always imagined my life a being a beautiful strip of embroidery, with gorgeous colors and patterns flowing into each other.  But it seems that the better analogy is to a piece of macrame - knotted, twisted, with holes and the occasional shiny bead woven into the pattern. 
After she spoke, I knew why I'd stayed home and been able to attend Meeting.  My scattered, twisted thoughts heard the shiny bead of her message... it truly spoke to my condition.

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Aravis said...

Those are beautiful analogies. I think many of us would like the embroidery but get macrame. Thinking of it, though, I think I'd rather live a macrame life. It's not as pretty, but perhaps more interesting. Those beads stand out.

When I'm crafting, I prefer embroidery. When I'm living, give me macrame.