Guidelines for 2012

Over the years I've tried to make New Year's Resolutions and, well, like many people I've completely failed. And who likes failure? So then I tried Goals, which had a better success rate than Resolutions. This year I'm trying Guidelines.

Robin, over on What Canst Thou Say? is my guru on this; for 2012, her guiding words are wisdom, serenity, courage, discipline. What beautiful guides.

For me, those words resonate deeply, but I'm choosing "faith, wisdom, serenity".
  • Faith because I need to trust that in life and God. To quote Robin: This is to help me remember that I am enough. That we are enough. That God is enough. I believe, Lord, help thou my unbelief.
  • Wisdom to know myself and to hear that inner voice more clearly, rather than giving in to the pressures of the moment. 
  • Serenity means practicing intentional slowness, decluttering my mind and surroundings so that distractions allow for inner peace, encouraging wisdom to emerge.
For those of you not comfortable with resolutions, try guidelines.  Let me know how you're doing.

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