Surprising Moments of Joy

My sense of myself is not of someone who has many friends.  That's not to say I'm a loser/loner, but that my natural state is to have a few people that I'm friends with outside work and then a bunch of people at work with whom I'm friendly.  This past year has taught me that perhaps that's not quite the case!

There has been a Big Life Change, a Massive Disruption if you will.  While part of me embraced this as being a much needed change, part of me was (is) quite nervous and scared.  Those surprising moments of joy?  The incredible number of people who have been supportive and who at times saved me from my worst inner demons.  So here is a list, in no particular order, of all those who have shared a good meal, offered advice/comfort/support, provided a laugh or otherwise brought joy into my life:
Ellysa, mk, Amy, Kath, Wendy, Lucia, Jo, Suzy, Marion, James, Jack, Flavia, Julie, Jean, Kevin, Michael, Waits, Phil, Mac, Danny, Bill, Cate, Thomas, Amelia, Carol, Robert, Julia, Alice, Lisa, Betty, Philip, Elizabeth, Heather, Anne Marie, Jo, Angela, Steve, Ted, Charlotte, Caroline, Rayona, Gail, Karli, Renee, Dave, Susan, Clara, Jen, Rowena, Daryl, Yapha, Karen, Liz, Maya, Francey, Carla, Buffy, Deb, Connie, Chuck, Karen, Diana, Rudy, Tobe, Alex, Cece, Beth, Brendan, Jonathan, Cathy and Terry
Here's to many more such moments, and my hope you all have been as blessed with friendship as I am.


Unknown said...

You're a good person and I'm very glad that you're still my friend - a friendship that started at old Ham Tech and continues to this day.

Wendy said...

What a wonderful year-end expression of gratitude! Thank YOU for the joy and thoughtfulness you bring to everything.

Aravis said...

Thank-you for all of the love, support, and friendship that you've shared with me this past year. I feel that we've grown even closer and am glad of it. You're an amazing woman - strong, beautiful, intelligent, funny - and I'm lucky to know you.

May the coming year hold everything you're hoping for!