Getting into the holiday spirit

For the past few weeks I've been complaining about the Best Buy commercials that feature women buying many, many gifts for family (and friends) and then sneering at Santa for not being relevant or needed. My thoughts are along the lines of "isn't this mean-spirited? why do they need to go there?"

The other day Thing One sent me this link to a WaPo article about these commercials (they include recent Target and Walmart ads that are equally snide)
Months ago, there must have been a roomful of Best Buy mucketymucks who were presented with this atonal, needlessly mean-spirited ad campaign and were utterly delighted by the notion, laughing their heads off. I wonder if anyone in charge had second thoughts.

There's a lessening of civility throughout society and these commercials exemplify it. I won't go into my "bring back the good old days" rant, but I do encourage others to not shop at those stores or to complain to their management. Unless, of course, you also think those ads are funny.

On the other hand, I found this photo my parents forwarded to be funny... and a great commentary on consumer "can-you-top-this" culture:

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