Can you say "bias"?

When I work with students on evaluating information, one of the things we discuss is how polls are conducted: how are the questions asked becomes one of the critical pieces. This e-mail blast from my Congresswoman really illustrates biased questioning:

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I've been appalled by the irresponsibility of the Republicans, whose only goal seems to be "defy the President" rather than doing the work necessary to help their constituents. If this is how one of the Conference Committee members is presenting the issue, nothing will get done. Silly me, I thought that committee was dedicated to finding a solution.

My suggested solution? Vote 'em all out, Democrats and Republicans equally. Let's start over with a whole new cast of characters.

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Aravis said...

I think we'd end up with more of the same all over again.

That's some of the most obviously biased writing that I've seen. *G*