2011 Year-end Reading Round-up

Counting down from last year's 3381 books left to read, I've got "only" 3131 more books to enjoy. What did I think about books I've read this past year? For lists, go here, here, here and here.

And here's the 2011 reading analysis (2010 numbers in parens):

number of books read in 2011: 250 (200)
best month: August/29 (July/37)
worst month: May/12 (September/7)
average read per month: 20.8 (16.6)
adult fiction as percentage of total:  21.2 (14.5)
children's/YA fiction as percentage of total: 54.4 (43)
mystery as percentage of total: 9.6 (11.5)
Advance Readers Copies:  (106) - to be updated later
books read that were published in 2011: 172
books that will be published in 2012: 15

Five star reviews: 18 (20)
One star reviews: 11 (6)

This is what I said last year: "200 books. A nice, neat, tidy number, but wholly unexpected. I'll be very surprised to repeat that feat in 2011. And since I added 184 books, Mt. Bookpile only shrank by a mere 16, leaving my goal of <300 for next year." HA!  What did I know?  250 books read (not matching Wendy's exhortation to read a book a day, but still not bad), and despite adding books, Mt. Bookpile is down to 290!

Given that my circumstances will change in 2012, 250 is optimistic, but we'll try for 200 and further reduction on Mt. Bookpile.

Oh, and if you're looking for other lists (and To Be Read inspiration), Sherry over at Semicolon has done an amazing job of collecting booklists and year-end-round-ups.  Go.  Make a list for your 2012 reading.  Enjoy.


Sarah at SmallWorld said...


Sherry said...

Lazygal, I'd really be curious to know what's in Mt. Bookpile so that I can suggest something from the pile that I think you shouldn't miss/should definitely read before age 87 or death whichever come first. I hate to add to the pile without knowing what's in it in the first place.

Aravis said...

Over 3000 books? Feeling better now. Or deficient. I can't make up my mind.

It's been fun reading and comparing with you this year. It's been even more fun reading more than you for once. I may have done nothing else this entire year, but I achieved this one thing. *G*

Good luck in 2012!

Jandy said...

Like Aravis said, Over 3000 books? I feel much better. Mine is probably half that. It fills two five-shelf bookcases, two three-shelf bookcases, plus different piles here and there around the house.

Whenever I need a definition for the word "bibliophile" you come to mind.

Lazygal said...

Wait, Aravis and Jandy - I think you misunderstood. Years ago (2007) I wrote a post that talked about how many books I had left to read before I died: http://lazygal.blogspot.com/2004/12/so-many-books.html

That is where the "over 3000" figure comes from (although now I look at the original post, I'm reading double the number originally posited, so it's probably down to "over 2500" left to read).