"What do you love?"

I had a blogpost all prepared to go today. It was about two guys I know, M1 and M2. Both have made choices about how they would live their lives that were admirable, particularly since those choices come with consequences that weren't always comfortable. Recently, however, I've lost my respect and admiration for them. I was going to go into detail and rant, but at Meeting yesterday I realized that was a lot of negative stuff that just didn't need to be put out there... doesn't mean that I respect or admire them, though.

What prompted this was (in part) a quote from the book I read Saturday, Born Wicked. At one point, the main character, Cate, asks Finn "what do you love?" She meant "if you didn't have to worry about making a living... paying bills... providing for a family... what would you be doing? what's your passion?" It made me think of two other friends, Chuck and Bekkie, both of whom have also made choices and are doing what they love.

Chuck has a day job that I can't imagine he's crazy about (we've never talked about it) but on the weekends he goes to take photos, or drives up to Canada to work with the NBLC. Why would anyone spend that much time on the road driving from place to place? Because they love it.

Bekkie was one of the smartest people I knew in high school. She was also probably the only friend I had who was on a sports team (the rest of us met our PE requirements and that was it). In college she majored in something to do with science (another thing I avoided) and yet since then she's mostly worked at jobs she took mostly to give her the money she needed to travel and run marathons. Her goal was to run marathons in all 50 states (plus DC) by the time she was 50, and she met that goal at the 50th running of the Peachtree Race.

As I sat there yesterday I reflected on how lucky I've been to be able to do the things I love: my BFF K. can tell you that I was recommending books to her in 3rd grade, and there's a copy of The Fellowship of the Ring that I inscribed "Dear Daddy, I think you'll like this book. It's great." in 1972. Research is also fun for me, and helping people find the right book or the right information makes me glow inside. Even before getting my MLS I was doing those things!

As we move closer to Thanksgiving, isn't it time for all of us to ask "what do I love?", find a way to do it, and then be thankful that we can?

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Chuck the Writer said...

For me, doing things that please me - whether it's involving experimental photography or working with sports leagues - means that I'm doing something that someone can count on, and that the end result will benefit the final project. It's like being able to say to someone, "You see that car in the showroom? Well, they couldn't get it aerodynamically correct without my work and calculations in the wind tunnels. I didn't build that car, but it runs a heckuva lot better than if I wasn't involved in the car."