You know it's a bad book when...

I have really been trying to get away from being a "clean plate reader" and moving towards recognition that life is too short for me to read bad books. 

Now, some books I do slog through because I think they'll help students or be of interest to their YA target audience, or even because I've been asked to read it for professional review.

But recently I read a book that was so bad it was almost laughable.  I read a couple of sentences to Thing One, who thought I'd read well above and beyond what was needed - I compared the book to a car wreck, so bad you just had to see what would happen next.

One of the things I love/hate about Mallory is that he tends to nuzzle what I'm reading. It's loveable, because he wants to be with Mommy, but it's annoying when I'm actually trying to read. Occasionally he loves the book so much he'll bite the pages and (once or twice) head butt my hands away from it. He didn't come near the book I just read beyond an initial nuzzle. Today, it's lying on my bed and he just literally jumped away from in as though it had shocked him. I've
never seen that reaction before.

Do I need to change my rating system from stars to nuzzles?


Aravis said...

*LOL* That's too funny! Nuzzle ratings indeed. Wheezy will shmooze sometimes. If she's really determined, she wriggles between me and the book, then sits on it. Brat! Still, I have to laugh even as it annoys.

Anonymous said...

Good for you, Lazy Girl. I wish I had dished the clean dish habit long before I finally did. RLC

The Sassy Librarian said...

Nuzzles is a great system, although I can see it working really well for romance novels!

I'm with you on the "life is too short to read bad books" - I had to stop 40 pages into Bright Young Things because of the POV changing so often and the generally unlikeable characters. I had ZERO patience and I'm usually Mrs. Wait Until Page 80 and then judge.

Am I just getting old? *gasp*