Two years ago I posted a list of groups/musicians I've seen live. Clearly, it's time for an update, so, in no particular order:
    Eric Clapton (again) 
    Jeff Beck 
    Charlotte Gainsburg 
    Jessie Baylin 
    kd lang (again) 
    Cima Trio 
    Blondie (again) 
    Bruce Daigroponte (left off original list) 
    David Johansen 
    Larry Coryell 
    Rachid Taha

On the horizon - another visit to Sybarite5, and Ray Davies.


One of the Partner A/Parnter B's that I wrote about earlier has split up after 30 years together. 30 years. I'm sad, because while I'm related to one, I like the other (not just like - really admire) and hope we don't lose touch. Guess I'll have to take my own advice re: invitations, should the occasion arise.

Speaking of invitations, rumor has it that the wedding invitation mess has still not been resolved. The bride-to-be called Partner A in tears, only to be told that the person to apologize to is really Partner B. Thus far, Partner B has heard nothing...


In January I set a personal goal of reading 200 books (based on having read 200 books in 2010). My bigger goal, of course, is getting Mt. Bookpile below 300. Well, with 3.5 months left in the year, I'm on book 182 and Mt.B is down to 323. Of course, AASL is around the corner but I really think I can do it. Ya gotta believe, people!

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