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"That may be true, Max," Simon said, "but I think Shelly was talking about a more imminent end.  What if you found out you only had a few months to live? Or even weeks? Do you whip out your list of 'things you need to do before you die' and race to check things off? Or do you lock your loved ones in a cottage somewhere and hug them until they can't breathe?" ...

"When you get to my age, you would hope that there wouldn't be much left to cross off.  And that's exactly how it was before I met Rose, to be honest.  I was nearly done with my short but respectable list.  But now," Jonathan said, "my list has grown quite long.  Afternoon tea, quiet walks, rainy mornings -- nothing I haven't done before, but everything I need to do now with my Rose as many times as I can, while I can."
Before Ever After, Samantha Sotto

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