Sometimes, life is good

The past few days have really made me realize how lucky I am in terms of many of the people in my life. Somehow, without quite realizing it, I've ended up with many really great friends and I am truly grateful.

Two quick examples:

Yesterday I went to see Comedy of Errors at Boscobel. It was suggested by a former colleague/friend - we'd picnic and then see the show. Now, she's not just someone with whom I worked, she's also a member of the "80/84" club, and the mother of two of my students (one of whom is featured in my upcoming webinar). So this wasn't going to be the two of us, it'd be all four. And it was fun seeing her and the boys, as well as another student currently working at HVSF. If someone had asked me last year, I'd have never considered her as someone to spend time outside work with, but I'm so glad I did.

Then today I spent time with my sister-in-books, Aravis. She's helping me rework the Meeting's website* (to be honest, I'm not doing much more than providing login information while she's doing all the heavy lifting). Once again I realized how lucky I am to have her in my life. We talked books, health, school, etc. and then got down to work. All this and I got laptop envy (she has this, which isn't available any more so I got this to replace my dead laptop and soon-to-die desktop). What'd she get out of the bargain? Lunch and a bag'o'books (mostly ARCs). Seems unfair somehow.

And those are only two examples! I've gotten some great phone calls and e-mails from people recently, some with invitations to get together with friends... it's almost enough to make this homebody/lazygal get busy socializing!

* credit also to Thing Two for helping with the initial set-up of the site


Aravis said...

Unfair to you maybe. I walked away with books, so I got the better end of the deal, imo. ;0)

Did you buy one for Thing One as well and, if so, did you get the hoped-for deal for buying two?

Lazygal said...

Nope, no deal (but it was slightly cheaper, so it was ok). And if we're being honest, Thing One is paying for both so my buying it isn't quite accurate ;)

Can't wait to hear what you think of the books!

Aravis said...

Who said we're being honest if it's inconvenient to be so? *looking innocent*

*now waving sheepishly at Thing One*

I'm reading Wolfsbane at the moment, and then plan to dive into the books you've given me. I'll let you know what I think as I read them. :0)

How do you like the new laptop so far?

Lazygal said...

Like the laptop - hate the set-up. Oh well. :)

Jandy said...

How cool for both of you. I'm not leaving my section of the country for anything, but it would be nice to do what you two did.