The path less spoken of...

Recently I was at a baptism - seven little children joining the Catholic family. The priest spent time explaining each part of the ritual (including the part about exorcism, which apparently has alarmed people who were supposedly raised within the faith). After all the children were anointed, he gave a little speech in which he talked about how we don't really know much about these infants, but that one of them might grow up to be president of the United States... or a great inventor... or someone who finds a cure for disease... or an artist.

It made me think of Let's Make a Deal: those futures are what's behind Curtain One. But, Carol, let's show these families what's behind Curtain Two! One of these lucky children could be:
  • the next John Wayne Gacy
  • patient zero for a global pandemic
  • the inventor for a new color of sprinkles
  • absolutely average
Why don't we ever (at baptisms, kindergarden graduations, etc.) mention the Curtain Two possibilities?

Dear readers, here's your opportunity to add to that list.  What path less spoken of do you think we should mention?


Jandy said...

the next:

dental hygenist
spot welder
car mechanic
high school English teacher

Anonymous said...

nursing home janitor